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Numerous people spend their weekends choosing frames and lenses for their eyeglasses as there are a plethora of options available in the market, both- online and offline. On the other hand, there are still some- who are scared to try the extensive assortment of lenses available. Are you also looking for the best medical contact lenses? If yes, let us help you unearth some of its facts beforehand.

Firstly, you need to understand that lenses get created to protect people’s eyes and offer the sharpest and clearest vision. While picking lenses for a better sight, you must keep your needs and desired lifestyle in mind. Before investing in a lens, ensure your eyes and the glasses are compatible in producing a crystal clear and strain-free vision. You know what the role of lense is, right? If not, let us break it to you- lenses of your eyeglasses help enhance your eye health and maintain a healthy vision. Today, we- Eyes4us have categorized the lenses based on different age groups. Continue reading to shop accordingly.

  1. Lenses To Help Maintain The Vision-
  • Single vision lenses are one of the most popular lenses that get used to correct your vision. These lenses get customized to match your prescription and correct eye ailments such as nearsightedness & farsightedness.
  • Other lenses are progressive lenses and bifocal lenses. These help people over the age of 40 years who are suffering from presbyopia. These lenses are best to correct the wearer’s eyesight. Bifocal lenses help see objects at a distance and close-up better, while on the other hand- the progressive lenses correct vision at all distances.
  1. Lenses To Protect Your Eyes-
  • Light-sensitive lenses are also celebrated as photochromic lenses. These get adjusted to fluctuating illumination levels and filter UV rays. The people who wish to protect their eyes from varying intensities of light exposure- photochromic lenses are the best.
  • Anti-Glare Lenses- These are renowned and protect your optics against flashing lights. Yes, that is right. The anti-glare lenses also carry the potential of making the drive smooth for people who drive often or for those who spend most of their time outdoors.
  • Blue Light Lenses- These are the most needed lenses in today’s time. Yes, that is right. Now, when the world is moving towards digitalization, people have to filter the harmful blue light that emanates from electronic screens to protect their eyes. The blue light protection lenses are strong enough to block harmful blue rays.

Interested to know more about medical contact lenses price, types of contact lenses, or wish to acquire the best medical contact lenses price UAE- you are at the right window. We- Eyes4us can help you with the best lenses that too at the best price!