Undeniably, the GenZ’s prefer medical contact lenses more than prescribed eyeglasses. If you belong to the same tribe, we are here to help you with the appropriate solution. Being in the eyewear industry for some time, we- Eyes4us precisely understand that contact lenses are convenient. But the part most people tend to forget is- these need utmost care. The lenses are delicate, and therefore- it is essential that we keep them clean. Even the best medical contact lenses can tend to fail if not taken care of aptly. The lenses go inside your eyes and don’t catch much attention. But these tiny delicate thing moves along with your pupils to give comfortable vision. Hence, they must stay clean. Buying contact lenses is no vital step- the difficulty lies in maintaining them.

Need not worry. Eyes4us is here to help you with a guide. We won’t serve you with the lies saying there is not really what you have to do to take care of your lenses. Contact lenses need a lot of care. You must remember that if the lenses are not taken care of aptly- they may even harm your eyes in more ways than one. Following are the steps that you must follow, and both your eyes and lenses will be in a healthy space-

Never Sleep With The Contact Lenses-
It is the first and foremost step to remember. Numerous studies and data have potentially proved that taking a nap or sleeping with contact lenses can increase the chances of dangerous circumstances, such as eye infection, by almost eight times!

Always Wash & Dry Your Hands Before Handling The Lenses-
Numerous people, both men, and women go through various chores such as cooking and feeding children. Due to a load of work, people forget to wash their hands before putting on contact lenses. But it is a big no-no. People must wash their hands with soap, dry them with a cotton cloth before handling Contact Lenses. If it does not get performed in the same way- some residual minute particles might get into the eyes and irritate your eyes. Gradually it may also become a cause of severe infection.

Never Keep Lenses Near Water-
Yes, that is true. Your contact lenses must stay away from water. When it comes to lens and water- they don’t go well together. You must understand that even a drop of water can carry bacteria and infect your eyes.

Clean Your Contact Lenses Once Every Day-
Yes, they are supposed to get cleaned every day. But remember to clean them solely with the Contact Lens cleaning solution. Start with pouring the magical cleaning solution into the contact lens case. Once you get done with this- gently place them inside overnight. The next day when you are going to check it- you will find them completely clean and ready to get utilized the next morning.

Keep The Case Clean-
As much as it is essential to clean the lenses, you must keep the contact lens case clean. Remember to not utilize soap or water for cleaning the same. If you wish to clean it, go for the Contact Lens solution and rub them with your hands to clean it.

Keep A Pair Of Eyewear Always For A Backup-
You will not disagree with us that there is always some emergency. In times such as these- you may be away from your home for longer than you expected. After a point of time, the contact lenses tend to dry out your eyes, and therefore- in such situations, instead of suffering through dry eyes, it would always be prudent to switch to eyeglasses. Hence, make sure you have an extra pair of eyeglasses with you always!

Online medical contact lenses are an easy option, you won’t have to go anywhere. So, without any further delay, order contact lenses from the comfort of your home today from Eyes4us!