As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program we aim at making eyecare products more affordable to the youths of our society. In that respect we reach out to schools and offer our products to their students at a subsidized price.

Glasses are a necessity that a lot of the population require, but to a lot, it is a major expense. Having seen how our children take care of their glasses, we know that it is an expense that comes up more often than we would hope for and sometimes at moments where it is a struggle to manage.

Since Covid-19, it has become even harder for parents in many fields to be able to meet unexpected costs, and in that respect we want to help.

If you are a parent that is struggling, please let us know, if we are not already working with your child’s school we would love to be able to help you. We would also contact your child’s school, keeping discretion in mind, and offer our discount to other parents in the school who may be going through a similar situation. Please let us know by emailing us at or filling out the form below.

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